A beard off has officially been declared among two Blaze listeners! First, you can't just say "beard off," it must be bellowed.

The wrong way:

"Hey Katie, my boyfriend is in a beard off on The Blaze website, you should totally vote for him."

The right way:

"Katie! That guy I've been sleeping with is on The Blaze website! BEARD OFF!!"

Now that we've got that clear, here's the deal:

Simply vote for the most epic beard. The winner will move on to battle another Blaze listener next week. If you think you've got what it takes to compete, email us your photos. Grand prize is a pair of tickets for Korn and a pair for Halestorm.

Winner of Round One with 54% of your votes was JJ from Universal Choke Sign! Here's who he'll go up against in Round Two. See this amazing beard and get your vote on starting Tuesday.


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