Have you had a chance to check out the new Beastie Boys Documentary, "The Beastie Boys Story?" If not, then add it to your list of must watch movies this week. It is Mike D and Ad Rock sharing their stories of the birth and career of the Beastie Boys. And they do it in a sort of Ted Talk style, featuring footage and photos from their world domination.

Now, we have all heard the legend of the day the Beastie Boys played Missoula. Some of you may have actually attended the show. It was definitely a show that will go down in history as one of the craziest performances to happen here in the Garden City. There is so many stories that go along with the concert that took place on January 28th 1987. Some say the Beastie Boys threw full cans of beer into the crowd. While the City and University say they nearly incited a riot, and were BANNED from ever playing in Missoula again.

In fact, Missoula was actually the Beastie Boys first stop of their first headlining tour. In the new documentary Ad Rock says "Being famous in our city was one thing, but being famous at a mall in Missoula Montana is something else entirely." They go on to say that they were asked what kind of things they would like in their stage design, and they said the wanted a "25 FT GO GO dancer cage." They thought they were being silly by making such an odd request. But, as Ad Rock says in the documentary "the next thing we know, we get to Missoula, MT and there it is!"

This was their first chance to prove that they were legit headliners and soon to be titans of the music industry. And it started in Missoula.

Check out the trailer for "The Beastie Boys Story"

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