Bayern is proud to be the oldest micro brewery in Montana. They started the trend, and as Jurgen of Bayern says "We were the kindling to the fire." Many of memories have been made by Montanans in the last 30 years, lots of those memories involved a cold Bayern beer. This past Saturday, we gathered to make more memories with Bayern at Caras Park.

Reverend Slanky kicked off the party with a healthy dose of funk. Followed by SLC's Royal Bliss. Between the traditional tapping of wooden beer kegs, food and live music (and the occasional flying t-shirt blasted out of a cannon.) The party was a true Montana celebration of good beer and good friends.

Check out some of our photos from the event. Including Neal Middleton's passion for Bayern beer and Jurgen's lederhosen. Big thanks to Emily Haacke for snapping such awesome pictures.

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