Tis the season for backyard shindigs. Fire up the grill, fill the cooler and bust out some lawn games. One of the most popular BBQ games that you will find at practically every backyard in town is classic Beer Pong.

This summer, it is time to step up your beer pong game to a whole new level. I'm talking about the evolution of beer pong. A game called Mad Pong.

The game is simple, especially for those used to playing beer pong. There are only a couple slight twists. First, the cups are hexagonal, so they all connect together perfectly. Each cup contains a challenge card, that will reveal a task the player must do after the beer is finished. The remaining players must mimic the same task. The last player to copy the task will be forced to down a shot.

It is as simple as that. Adding a little more intensity to an already intense backyard BBQ game.

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