Behemoth frontman Nergal has revealed some details about the band’s upcoming eleventh album. Tentatively expected to see a fall 2018 release, the new Behemoth record is well on its way, with the band having written a “s—tload of stuff” already.

It’s been three years since Behemoth unleashed their monumental 10th studio album, The Satanist. As one of the standout metal releases of the decade, The Satanist has caused a fervor around the Polish extreme metallers, with fans rabidly anticipating for a new record. At first, Nergal wasn’t sure if Behemoth would ever make another album, especially if the band’s new ideas couldn’t stand up to The Satanist. However, the singer seems excited about what’s been brewing.

"I've never been that creative in years," Nergal tells BlackCraft (seen above) about his current process. "We've got ten or twelve songs nailed, pretty much, and there's a lot of stuff written and I'm going through lyrics now. Actually, [for the] first time ever in our history, in our career, we are working on tour. So we've got this mobile studio and we just f— around with ideas, with the songs, we go through leads, we practice, we revisit old demos, we try to perfect it and just make it as supreme as we can."

Speaking of Behemoth writing on the road, Nergal shares, “We just sit together, there's no stress, no tension — we just [say], 'Hey, guys, how about these ideas? Let's try to play it that way. Let's record it. Let's go back to it tomorrow and see if we're right or maybe we're wrong.' You know what I mean? Just play with the formula and just make this trip joyful [in] all the ways possible."

Nergal continues, “The plan is to make a record that's gonna be significant to the genre and a record that people will remember 20 or 30 or 50 years down the road … I know it may sound arrogant of me saying that, but me, as a fanboy, I truly believe, as much as I worship [Slayer’s] Reign In Blood or [AC/DC's] Back In Black — they're timeless. I really wanna make all the effort, I just wanna do everything that is humanly possible to make our albums monuments.”

Behemoth still have a handful of tour dates remaining with Slayer and Lamb of God, so click here to see if the tour is coming to your town.

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