Right before Behemoth’s fantastically evil performance in New York City last month, we had the chance to speak with frontman Nergal. In this piece of our chat, we speak with Nergal about Satan, the Kentucky Bible incident and if he feels a divine presence while performing.

For many years, Behemoth fans have been fascinated by Nergal’s Satanic beliefs. In his official memoir, Confessions of a Heretic, he’s challenged deeply by his friends about the subject, among others. We wanted to talk to Nergal about Satan, so we asked if his perception of the devil influences who he strives to be as a human being. Nergal gave us a complex answer, but it revolved around the response: Yes.

One of the greatest stories in Confessions of a Heretic takes place in Kentucky, where Nergal ripped up a Bible onstage. The Bible was given to him by Christian metalcore act The Devil Wears Prada. We actually asked The Devil Wears Prada about the incident during their ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ segment, and the group’s answer was a little different than what’s portrayed in Nergal’s book. We took TDWP’s recollection to Nergal and got his reaction on film.

Finally, we asked Nergal if he perceives anything divine while onstage. The experience was difficult to describe, but Nergal spoke about transcendental states he finds himself in in the presence of his fans.

Check out our exclusive interview with Nergal above!

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