The plain reality is that not many bands make it to their 13th album. For those that do, it's a testament to their endurance, but the question is, "Just how good can a band possibly be that deep into their career?" In the spirit of Friday the 13th, we rounded up 13 artists to talk about the best 13th rock and metal albums.

Let's make this clear right from the start — a number of these releases are fairly divisive and were even considered to be somewhat of a head-scratcher when they were released. Yes, we're looking at you, Rush's Presto, but that's okay because Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy had a sharp perspective that may help paint that record in a new light if you haven't been able to get into much before now.

For the others here though? It was either the beginning of a career renaissance or simply just a continuance of long-enjoyed success.

We'll admit it — maybe Depeche Mode don't fit into your typical definition of "rock," but if prog rock gods Genesis could make a pop album and have it be the best-selling album of their career, you can take at least one step outside of your comfort zone.

Featuring contributions from members of Dream Theater, Alter Bridge, GWARSevendust, Rise Against, Fire From the Gods, The Black Dahlia Murder, Black Veil Brides, Haken, Anti-Flag, Airbourne, Spirit Adrift and hotshot new shredder Sammy Boller, here's 13 Artists Talking About the Best 13th Albums in Rock + Metal.

13 Artists Talk About the Best 13th Albums in Rock + Metal

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