Calling all rad dads!  We are looking for dads who are not afraid to spend quality time doing fun stuff with their kids. For example, the dads that play dress up with their kids, show their kids how to ride a dirt bike, take their kids to concerts, or love teaching their kids proper hunting ethics. Basically, we are looking for dads that are good at being DADS. Nominate yourself or a friend for this year’s Rad Dad photo contest for a chance to score some rad prizes.

Grand Prize:

*("BIGUN" is the nickname KC's dad got while in combat in Vietnam. Over the last decade, he has had the hobby of making knives, as a way to treat his PTSD. Each knife is unique, and no two are alike. A special gift from our RAD Dad to your RAD Dad this fathers day.)

The Rules:

  • Deadline to enter is Friday, June 9th.
  • Entrants must be at least 18 years old and a resident of Montana.
  • Entrants must actually be somebody’s dad (Yes, stepdads are eligible). Pets do not count and we reserve the right to ask for proof.
  • Voting will be held on our website starting at NOON on June 12th.
  • We will announce the winner on June 16th.
  • Questions/comments/concerns email
  • General Townsquare Media Contest Rules are in effect.


  1. Download the Blaze Mobile App to your smartphone
  2. Make sure your contact information and name is correct
  3. Click the "Message Us" link
  4. Submit your PHOTO along with a brief reason why you nominated your Rad Dad

Who will be crowned "the coolest Dad in Western Montana?" We will find out as we get closer to Father's Day 2023.

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