Sometimes I think about the days that I like to call "the before times." The days BEFORE we found ourselves in a worldwide pandemic. The days before COVID managed to make some of our favorite places go away.

Just recently, my 10-year-old son started reminiscing about how much fun he had at his friend's 6th birthday party. The year was 2019, which probably feels like a decade ago for a young kid. We found ourselves at Missoula's indoor trampoline park (Flying Squirrel.) Wall-to-wall fun for the kids, along with a great way to wear them out. It was perfect. But, the bouncing ended when COVID forced the business to close.

Fast forward to today, and we are coming out of the darkness the pandemic left behind. It is time to get back to having fun. Like we did in the "before times."

Missoula will soon be the home of a NEW trampoline park. A place known as GET AIR MISSOULA.

According to the Get Air Missoula website

We have thousands of square feet of wall-to-wall trampolines to jump, bounce and flip for hours of fun! Our Open Court has side-by-side trampolines – a massive space that allows everyone to jump around. You’ll find vertical trampolines, a trampoline dodgeball area and individual trampolines in the Main Court. Plus, trampoline lanes to get you some serious air to dunk a slamball or launch into a foam pit.

Take a look inside the park and see some of what you can expect from Get Air Missoula.

There is no word just yet on an opening date. Judging by comments we found on the Get Air Missoula Facebook page, they are still waiting on a few inspections before they can pick a date.

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