How many times have you raided the game closet since you've been stuck at home?.

Big Sky Breakout had just unveiled their new 'Treasure State' game in March. But it wasn't long after that they had to close the doors. Now, as we're all looking for alternate forms of entertainment, they're offering a digital escape room experience.

The actual game is through a third party. But, it looks like the folks at Big Sky Breakout have played it and give it a good review. Here's the details they shared about the digital escape room.

During our temporary closure we have partnered with The Escape Game Company to bring you a new digital gaming experience.

Go to and click on the blue digital game banner near the top of our home page. Then select "TEG Unlocked" $10 for Unlocked Part I or $17 for both Unlocked Part I & II.

We have played it and it is SUPER fun. Make sure to look at all of your information and make sure to explore your pages (scrolling is key here) for an amazing digital escape room experience. No time limits. As many folks can join in your game as you would like. Happy gaming. Stay safe Missoula.

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