There have been so many events that were planned for this summer that have had to be postponed, or rescheduled, or just cancelled outright, all thanks to COVID-19. So, it's always nice to hear about something that's actually planning to go ahead as scheduled.

The 3rd Annual Bigfork Summer Pro Rodeo waited until the very last minute to make the announcement, but they will officially be ready to go for the Fourth of July weekend. But of course, things will be different this year than in years past.

For one thing, almost 500 cowboys have signed up for the rodeo, making it the largest entry pool they've had so far - the reason being that so many other rodeos across the country have cancelled their events, so more and more rodeo cowboys have been flocking to wherever they can go to compete.

For another, social distancing will be the priority, as you might expect. The rodeo recently purchased bleachers from the Montana Raceway Park - which is now closed - and can now seat 4500 people, quadruple what they could seat before. They're planning to limit capacity to under 2000, though no exact number has been set yet.

Are you eager to check out the Rodeo this summer? The event will be taking place from July 4th through July 6th.

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