Viewers of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News found out on Wednesday that Bill O'Reilly, the 67 year-old anchor, had been fired over accusations of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Here in Missoula, KGVO News reached out to local attorney Quentin Rhoades for general information about sexual harassment in the Montana workplace.

“The Montana Human Rights Act makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex in the workplace,” said Rhoades. “There are two sets of harassment. The first if the ‘quid pro quo’, where an employer expects an employee to perform certain acts to get a promotion. The other kind of sexual discrimination is called a ‘hostile work environment’. That’s where the boss is conducting himself in a way that makes people feel uncomfortable in a sexual manner. It could be by posting photographs, telling off-color jokes, or making comments based on sex.”

Rhoades said there are special protections for employees who lodge complaints about sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

“If you invoke the Montana Human Rights Act and the employer retaliates, then it’s the same as if the employer had committed the harassment,” he said. “If you report this kind of behavior, they have to take it seriously, and if there’s anything to it, a, they have to do something about it, and b, they cannot retaliate against you.”

Anyone who may suspect that they are the victims of sexual harassment or discrimination should contact the Montana Human Rights Bureau.

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