Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins[/caption]As the DJ for the Griz football games I wanted to take a few minute to speak to the very loyal and loud student section.

Dear Student Section,

Hi, Billy Jenkins here and I work in the press box at the Griz games trying to play your favorite songs to get you amped up for the game. I really want to thank you for the energy you bring to the games. It is because of you that it becomes more difficult for the opposing offense to convert on those tough 3rd downs. It is because of you our defense has the adrenaline rushing through their bodies as they make those big hits.

I do have one favor to ask this homecoming weekend, get louder than ever before! I will do my best to play the songs to get you pumped up and if you like one specific song, go crazy, I will play it again. You students have a huge say in the songs I play each game, and thank you for your instant feedback. One thing is a guarantee, you will hear Cotton Eye Joe tomorrow!

This will be a fun but tough battle tomorrow with Northern Arizona, there is no doubt in my mind that we will win. Once again thank you student section for all that you do to intensify the Griz game experience. Again, please get crazy loud tomorrow. If you ever have a song suggestion please know that I am always open to hearing those. Only two words left to say... GO GRIZ!


Billy Jenkins

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