Bleacher drummer John Adams is a legend for Cleveland Indians fans, but the baseball team has found a pretty capable fill-in for Adams for their home opener as Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney will keep the outfield crowd riled up at Progressive Field.

As the legend goes, Adams brought his bass drum to a game back in 1973, giving the outfield crowd some extra energy replicating the noise made when fans in the chair seats started to bang on the seats to make noise. When a local reporter asked if Adams planned to return, he initially declined but when it was reported that he would, the fans felt an obligation to do so. And he's kept returning over the years only missing a handful of games.

But as opening day arrives in 2021, Adams is recovering from some recent health issues, and will miss the home opener for the first time since he started bringing his drum to the games.

Wanting to keep the tradition alive, Black Keys drummer and Akron native Patrick Carney has stepped up to fill in for Adams on opening day. “The offer that seemed most appropriate to honor the occasion came from Akron native and Black Keys drummer, Patrick Carney,” the club said in a statement released Friday to

“When I found out that John Adams wouldn’t be able to make Opening Day in Cleveland for the first time in almost fifty years, I reached out to the team,” Carney said. “I share John’s love of baseball and the Cleveland Indians franchise and drumming for him during the home opener when he can’t physically be there feels like a meaningful way to show John the love and respect he deserves. I want to be there for John.”

The home opener will take place Monday (April 5) at Progressive Field and Adams will still have a presence by taking part in a special in-game video presentation where he passes his bass drum battle and seat in the left field bleachers to Carney.

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