Black Label Society are scheduled to drop the live double album 'Unblackened' on Sept. 24. The record will offer stripped-down versions of Black Label Society fan favorites, but Zakk Wylde and the boys have included a little surprise in the form of a Bill Withers' 'Ain't No Sunshine' cover, which you can listen to right now.

'Ain't No Sunshine' was released by Withers in 1971 and has since become a soul classic. It even won the Grammy for Best R&B Song in 1972. 'Ain't No Sunshine' is not an easy song to cover, but Zakk Wylde accepted the challenge, injecting his own tortured emotions into the new BLS re-imagining.

"'Ain't No Sunshine' is such a beautiful, heartfelt song," says Wylde. "I've always loved it and wanted to cover it. It felt so right in the context of [our live album]."

Zakk Wylde recently offered a preview of both the 'Unblackened' CD and DVD at the Collective School of Music in New York City. Wylde also updated those in attendance on the progress of Black Label Society's next full-length album. “I’ll start writing now and probably in the middle of September,” says Wylde. “We’ll be at the Black Label Vatican starting to record the next album. Once you get in there and you get inspired, you start writing like crazy. Right now I got a whole ton of riffs and ideas for the next album.”

Click the button below to listen to Black Label Society's cover of 'Ain't No Sunshine.'

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