Too bad the Griz didn't whoop some Badger Bungholio today in the NCAA tournamnet. They gave it a good shot and represented Missoula on the national stage. I'm cool with that. But I still found myself screaming the title of today's song out loud multiple times.

But that is not the only reason I chose today's Vidiot pick. Today is also, Blink's Bassist, Mark Hoppus' "BIG 4-OH." Back before their songs were fun and still punk. The album "Dude Ranch" was one of my favorite albums. The first video they released was "Dammit."

While watching the video. Keep in mind that this is the "Pre- Travis Barker" Blink 182. Their original drummer was Scott Raynor. But he got fired in 1998 for supposedly being an alcoholic. I bet you he is still screaming "DAMMIT" to this day.

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