Salem Radio Boston, a Christian radio group, features a connection to Missoula, Montana. They are clients of Peter Christian Communications, who provides radio copy writing and commercials for the stations.

Salem Radio Boston general manager Pat Ryan and her staff have spent the last two days following the bombings at the Boston Marathon providing special programming for their listeners, with Christian talk shows featuring prayer and comforting messages.

"Everybody is still a bit on the sensitive side and still shocked of course, and still very angry, and it was just such a senseless, tragic horrible happening," Ryan said.

"We're trying to get back to some sense of normalcy, but right now there's still a lot of guards around. If you want to go in and out of the State House, there's a lot of new metal detectors, and so its sort of a different world than what we were accustomed to here," Ryan reflected.

"We, as Bostonians and Americans, we're going to stand tall and strong and make it through this, and continue to pray for the victims and come to their aid in any way that we can. I've seen an amazing outpouring of Bostonians open their homes to people. Anything that we can do, we will do it," Ryan said.

Ryan and her family are even more involved in protecting the country.

"I have a soldier, my son, who is presently deployed in the Middle East, and word got to him of the bombings. He emailed and sent me a text message, and I told him everybody in the family here is safe and sound. He said to me 'Mom, this makes me want to fight even harder.' So we have these kinds of people among us that will keep our country free. They love God, they love their country, and they will keep forging on until we can get rid of this kind of terrorist action," Ryan said.

The slogan for one of the Salem stations is "The Spirit of Boston."

Salem Radio Boston General Manager Pat Ryan

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