Along the east shore of Flathead Lake on Saturday night dozens of fire response vehicles were racing to tackle the Boulder 2700 Fire shooting flames visible to drivers high into the night.

Fire Information Officer C.C. Camel spoke to KGVO News on Sunday afternoon with an update on the fire.

“The fire is under investigation now,” said Camel. “It is human caused. Investigators are still looking into how it started. It started near Mile Marker 9 on Highway 35. And we have aviation resources on it. There are single engine air tankers and helicopters dropping water and also other resources. There are dozers and three 20-man crews.”

Camel said several buildings have been destroyed by the fire so far.

“We don't have a definite number right now but it's close to 20,” he said. “It started at Mile Marker 9 and is currently right around a mile marker 11 and then also up the Mission (Mountains) about mid slope. As of now, the fire is 1,150 acres.

Camel said there has been no containment yet, as the fire is only about 24 hours old.

“They're just trying to get those dozers around it, so there’s no containment at this point,” he said. “We're just waiting on this weather see if it comes in that's supposed to have some monsoonal rain that would help a lot. It's just hot and dry and in the nighttime we're not getting the recovery. It was 90 degrees at midnight last night on this. Yes, wind is also in front of this front that's coming.”

Camel said a new team is coming to manage the firefighting effort.

“The Northern Rockies Type Two Team is assigned to this fire,” he said. “They will start showing up tonight and they will be in briefings tomorrow. I'm sure about this time tomorrow they’ll be taking the fire over.”

A Facebook message was released earlier on Sunday from the Yellow Bay Fire Department.

‘Boulder Fire Update:

We are now at a mandatory evacuation of SKIDOO LANE area and FINLEY POINT. As well as up from mile marker 6 through mile marker 12. Winds have shifted to out of the NE pushing active fire toward the lake to the west and south from mile marker 10 where the fire has jumped Hwy 35. Power has been de-energized as a precaution for any further starts from mile 6 to yellow bay as well as Finley point. Anyone south of mile 6 on Hwy 35 should be prepared for evacuation as well.


If you have evacuated, please put a sock on door knob and a pillow case over your mailbox to let responders know your residence is vacated. Thank you.’

(Photo courtesy of NBC Montana)


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