Breaking Benjamin's co-headlining tour with Korn kicked off a few days ago, and according to Ben Burnley, it still feels surreal that he gets to hang out with the '90s giants.

"We are ridiculous Korn fans from back in the day," the Breaking Benjamin frontman told Iowa's Lazer 103.3. "It's surreal to me, even to this day, that I'm able to talk to them. Seriously. I looked up to them before I had anything in life, and it's an idol thing. It's like a 'meeting-your-idol' thing and that will never go away."

The singer admitted he's expressed his fondness for Korn to bassist Fieldy in the past, who in turn told Burnley that he felt the same way when he got to hang out with Motley Crue. "Motley Crue to them is what Korn is to me in the timeframe of things. We all go through it," Burnley explained.

This isn't Burnley and co's first rodeo on the road with Korn, but it's the first time the two sets are the same amount of time. However, despite the bill being equal, the vocalist stated that he would never imagine his band being on the same level as Korn.

"It's cool to grow as a band and get closer to them," he continued. "It's cool to have known them for as long as I've been honored to know them for, and just to be a part of it, and that they asked us to do it, they're having us with them, and I get to see Korn for free every night. Not a bad gig."

Listen to the full interview below.

Korn and Breaking Benjamin's co-headlining tour continues tomorrow night (Jan. 30) in Grand Rapids, Mich. See tickets here.

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