He hails from Montana, and he loves coming home, so said broadcasting legend Brent Musburger, as he addressed the combined Legion baseball teams in Caras Park, just ahead of the first game of the state tournament on Wednesday.

Musburger talked about the one thing someone from his generation has in common with a group of high school students...baseball.

When he was growing up in Billings, Musburger got to know some of the Legion ball players there, including one, who became a baseball legend.

"I remember the one youngster who spent the most time raking up the infield, was Dave McNally," Musburger said. "One of the all-time great athletes to ever come out of Montana, and a great pitcher with the Baltimore Orioles."

Musburger shared the little known fact that, in addition to being an award-winning broadcaster, he was also a baseball umpire, and shared several stories about his experiences behind the plate, including one of the great lines he ever heard in a game.

"There was this umpire working third, and I was behind the plate," he said. "Runners on first and third...big game..and there was a bang-bang play to third base, and the third base umpire yelled 'Yaw! You're out!!' The runner said..'How can you make that call? How can you make that call?', and without hesitation, he said,' I am God, son of David...play ball!!'"

In addition to all of his other accolades, Musburger is also a member of the Montana Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame.

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