I have been a BIG fan of the genius invention called the "Bug-A-Salt." You may have heard me talk about this device from time to time. Let me just say that it is a far superior way to get rid of flies and spiders than your average fly swatter. For those not familiar with the "Bug-A-Salt," it is a plastic gun that uses regular table salt as ammunition. If you think about the relation of a salt pellet to a fly. It is much like the relation of a shotgun pellet to a duck. These guns a literally shotguns for flies.

Now, I take hunting pests around my home very seriously. If it flies it dies in my household. So I was taken off guard recently when a formidable foe invaded my living room. This flying insect was a match for the Bug-A-Salt! My typical warfare tactics were not going to help in this situation. The flying insect was 10 times the size of an average fly. Basically, it was like trying to shoot down a B-52 Bomber with a shotgun. But, I did my best to bring the flying fortress down. It took 8 point-blank shots to do it, but eventually, the beast fell.

What kind of bug is it? Flying beetle? Weevil? Stink bug?

I did some research and discovered that this critter tends to do this every Fall here in Montana. As the temperatures begin to cool, the Western Conifer Seed Bug begins invading warmer areas to escape the chill.

According to a report from the Seely Swan Pathfinder

They are brownish and have a flat area on their hind legs, antennae and a diamond-shaped marking on their back where their wings are tucked in.

These bugs can be found in houses loudly buzzing and can be seen sitting or crawling on sunny buildings and trees.

Although they emit a strong odor when threatened they are not poisonous or toxic to humans or animals.

Many of us tend to call these "stink bugs." Even though they do emit an odor, they are not actually part of the "stink bug" family.

For more information contact the Missoula County Extension Office Plant Clinic at 258-4213.

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