Vodka flavors are getting out of hand. We love buttered popcorn as much as the next guy – to the point where we always get the gigantic bucket at the movie theater despite our habit of overeating then fighting back vom-bombs – but, infusing that flavor into vodka will definitely have us on the horn with Ralph.

We found this concoction from 360 Vodka via Laughing Squid. On 360′s site, the beverage company boasts its product is ‘the planet’s first eco-friendly vodka’ featuring ‘the earth’s best flavors’, which include Double Chocolate, Cola, Grape, Madagascar Vanilla, Georgia Peach, Bing Cherry, Sorrento Lemon, and Mandarin Orange.

If there’s one way to get your customers to drink responsibly, it’s with buttered popcorn. We still think you’ll have crazy kids trying to complete the Buttered Popcorn Challenge – in which someone tries to finish a bottle and a bucket before the movie ends. It’ll be like Edward Fortyhands times forty.

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