Yesterday, my girlfriend and I had a few hours to kill before dinner - and we were pretty hungry, but we knew we couldn't eat that much since we had plans for food later. So, we decided to head to the Southgate Mall and grab a pretzel from The Pretzel Place - just enough to tide us over until we got to our actual meal.

And after we sat down and we were eating our pretzels, I glanced across from us and saw an empty storefront - and I thought, "Wait a minute... isn't this where Caffe Dolce is supposed to be?"

Photo via Mike Smith
Photo via Mike Smith

The Strange Saga of Caffe Dolce Over the Last Few Months

Back in October, we reported that Caffe Dolce on Brooks was closing down their location for good - at least to the public. The building still remains available for private rentals. But the idea at the time was that the Southgate Mall location would still be open, albeit with limited hours.

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But then we also heard rumors that the Southgate Mall location for Caffe Dolce would actually be closing after the holidays. Nothing was officially confirmed at the time - but it's clear now that the Caffe Dolce in the mall is gone, too. The storefront is closed off and the name has been removed from the sign overhead.

It's definitely a shame that both Caffe Dolce locations are now closed to the public. But, if you want to book the Brooks spot for a private event, you can visit them at their website right here.

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