We all know you can test drive your new or used car before you buy, so wouldn't make sense for you to take out your possible new Harley Davidson for a spin?

Have you ever wandered across a local event and thought to yourself "Well, that just makes total sense"? I have to tell ya, I just had one of those serendipity moments myself. You can test drive your new car or truck, bicycle, or even tractor. Shouldn't you be able to test drive your new motorcycle? Well, our very own Grizzly Harley Davidson not only says yes, but they are also hosting a great event to do just that. 

Located just off the interstate on the way out of town, Grizzly Harley Davidson has been selling and servicing Harley Motorcycles not only to Western Montanans but to folks from all areas and walks of life across the U.S. These guys know bikes, and they want to make sure you do too.

It's time once again to attend the Grizzly Harley Davidson Demo Days! Their team is so excited to get you on one of their factory motorcycles exclusive to Missoula, Montana. They are welcoming all riders to take a spin on one of their new bikes! The test rides are completely free of charge, just make sure you show up with your valid Motorcycle license and riding gear.

Harley Demo Days will take place right at their location (see above) on August 18th & 19th from 10 am - 5 pm.

There is plenty of great Montana Summer weather left. Let's get out and ride.


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