Hooray Hooray for National Pizza Day. A day where we can all agree on what we are having for dinner. And it is just so simple. You take dough, slop on some sauce and cover it in toppings and cheese. Who doesn't love pizza in America? It may actually be more popular in the US, than it is in Italy.


We are no strangers to good pizza in Missoula. With a decent amount of restaurant chains offering good pie. Our local options knock them out of the park. Check out my TOP 3 favorite LOCAL PIZZA RESTAURANTS.

1) Biga Pizza

BIGA PIZZA is the first place I recommend to anyone looking for a place to eat that is truly unique to Missoula. Biga offers pizza that keeps it real with its Italian roots, while throwing in some Montana flare. For example: the Flathead Cherry Pizza (housemade sausage, cherry chutney, smoked gouda, mozzarella, garlic oil & parsley).

2) Bridge Pizza

Okay, so I have never been to New York City. Therefore I do not know what a legitimate New York pizza tastes like. But, I do know that some NY pizza comes in a ridiculously large portioned slice and the proper way to eat it is to fold it in half. THAT is what it is like eating Bridge Pizza and I have been going back time and time again for years.

3) Howards Pizza

When you think of old world pizza, you picture an Italian mother using family recipes and painstakingly preparing the perfect sauce and ingredients for the family meal. That is why eating local is so much better than cooperate chain restaurants. They are family owned and operated. And no place in town has that family vibe more than Howards Pizza. In fact Howards has been feeding Missoula since 1966.

You can never go wrong ordering pizza from any of my 3 picks. I continue to go back time after time to either of these spots. And, now more than ever, it is important to EAT LOCAL!

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