We’re holding a charity auction for Mike Portnoy’s Pokemon drum kit he played in our viral video! To raise money for pediatric cancer, two winners will take away an individual side of Mike’s Pokemon kit autographed by the drumming legend himself.

Wonder why Portnoy’s Pokemon kit was twice the size of his Hello Kitty drums? It’s because we bought two separate toy kits to create this percussive colossus! So for this auction, we’ll be offering both halves for independent bidding… but hey, if you want to try and grab both items, go right ahead!

Each half of Mike Portnoy’s Pokemon kit consists of one autographed pokeball kick drum with pedal, one snare, one tom and one cymbal with orange star (colored blue by Mike). We’ll also include a pair of mini drum sticks Mike actually used along with one of Portnoy’s own signature Promark 420X sticks. We’ve also carefully catalogued the menagerie of Pokemon stickers featured on each kit, so you can bid according to your favorite group of Pokemon characters!

Bidding for these items will begin at $100. At Mike Portnoy’s request, all proceeds will go toward Criss Angel’s H.E.L.P. charity benefiting those battling pediatric cancer. This auction will end Nov. 6 at noon ET. Click here to place your bids!

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