Come and see what Missoula's gaming community is so excited about this Saturday, June 16th.

We've got our resident gamer, Jon King, headed to the brand new Ever Green Game & Hobby to host their grand opening. Ever Green was opened by folks who have a mission to provide Missoula with a safe and comfortable meeting place for family fun. So we're talkin' VR, board and video gaming for fans of games like D&D, Magic the Gathering, Pathfinder, Warhammer and Pokemon.

Unique to our location we have developed our Ever Green I.C.E. Gaming Pods(™) (patent pending) outfitted with top of the line gaming consoles and we have virtual reality. These pods will feature the best-selling games and newest games on the market. All games that we host will be available for in-store rental.
Whether you’re a family, a group of gamers or an individual enthusiast, Ever Green is dedicated to bringing to life the gaming you have always dreamed of.
Join our boy Jon King (of KGVO fame) for door prizes, discounts and freebies! Ever Green is in the Stephens Center, (2100 Stephens) across from Walgreens, and they'll open at 10 on Saturday. Jon will broadcast live from noon to 2 p.m., see ya there!

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