We are currently taking bids in our online auction with bidding ending on Friday at 7 p.m.

Flyboard of Montana on Facebook
Flyboard of Montana on Facebook

There are a couple of rad items from Flyboard of Montana up for grabs. You can bid on a half day flight or 'buy it now' on 30 minute flights. They basically strap this Iron Man type suit on and let you fly through the water and air at the City Beach in Whitefish. Our Blaze staff wants to try this out this summer!

So when you get to the auction page, you'll see a ton of items to bid on, like gym memberships, auto services, salon services and photography sessions. Scroll all the way down to "Auction Extras" to see items that you can buy now, without having to bid. So we're talkin' an oil change for $22, $20 handgun instruction course, a ten punch growler refill card from Draught Works for only $50, and even Paul McCartney tickets.

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