Adidas has always been one of my favorite sneakers. I still remember the day I bought a brand new pair at the outlet store in Seattle. After walking around downtown Seattle all day, I felt I needed a new pair of comfortable shoes. I bought a new pair of Adidas, and found myself strutting the rest of my trip.

Now, Montana has our very own shoe. Inspired by Montana. Adidas commissioned 12 artist to design a sneaker for each of the 50 states. Each artist tried to represent each of the 50 states, with one of a kind designs on an Ultra-Boost X sneaker.

According to Business Insider

"The bitterroot flower, Montana's state flower, is also known as the resurrection flower because of its perseverance through the dry season. Its petals are rich in pinks and have a strong, graceful form."


My opinion, the shoe looks a little plain, considering all the beauty that we have in this state. Even though the bitterroot is out state flower, I feel like there could have been a better choice to represent the state of Montana.


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