Chevelle‘s fans were obviously anticipating the band’s new album ‘Hats Off to the Bull,’ which scored a high debut on the Billboard 200 chart earlier this month. And radio has been eagerly supportive too, sending the lead single ‘Face to the Floor’ straight to No. 1 on the Active Rock and Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks tallies.

That’s all very impressive, but Chevelle are only getting warmed up — and as proof, the band has just premiered the video for ‘Face to the Floor.’

In an interview with Loudwire, drummer Sam Loeffler revealed that the song’s lyrics were inspired by the notorious Ponzi scheme perpetrated by Bernie Madoff. He discussed how singer Pete Loeffler “wrote the lyrics when he was watching a documentary on the Madoff Ponzi scheme and how it worked and how many people he stole from and how long he stole. It was almost unimaginable how great a job he did and how much he got away with. He didn’t just spend the money; he built an empire. It’s amazing we live in a country where something like that can happen without anyone noticing.” (In an earlier interview, the band quipped that the song was for one of Madoff’s celebrity victims, Kevin Bacon.)

“It’s an angry song,” added Pete Loeffler in a press release for the video. “The lyrics are about all the people who have been taken advantage of. I reference Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme. He raked people over the coals, stole and is a terrible person. One day, these people have everything, and the next day it’s completely gone.”

Loudwire gave ‘Face to the Floor’ four stars when it was released earlier this fall, and now you can check out the song’s video below:

Watch the Chevelle ‘Face to the Floor’ Video

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