While America continues to deal with the fallout from Donald Trump's sexist comments from a 2005 video, one man in China has just gone full-blown Richard Dawson.

A male executive in Beijing makes his female employees line up and kiss him on the lips every morning as part of a ritual that purportedly improves morale and boosts the relationship between management and labor.

Strangely, this smooching routine takes place at a company that sells home brewery machinery, so perhaps we can call it "Kissing for Keurig." Several women were hesitant to take part, but eventually caved out of fear they'd be fired, while two women quit. The boss claims he came up with the idea to pucker up after a visit to the U.S. (cue the inevitable Donald Trump joke here) and that it is a way to "foster good relationships among colleagues."

The boss also believes his female employees love him and miss him when he's not in the office. Social media in China, however, tells a different story, with several people blasting the policy.

If kissing is how they boost morale, we shudder to think how management will spin "hand stuff at lunch" or "Cleveland steamer Friday" when the stock takes a hit.

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