This is the weekend that Hamilton residents can dispose of their (formerly) live Christmas trees. The City of Hamilton and Bitterroot Disposal have teamed up again to provide dumpsters at the city parking lot north of the Hamilton U.S. Post Office, where people can bring their previously decorated trees.

Hamilton Mayor Dominic Farrenkopf said the service is for Hamilton city residents and is definitely NOT for artificial trees. Why? Because the trees will be mulched up and used for agricultural needs in the valley. There's enough plastic in the world without adding artificial trees to the disposal effort.

The dumpsters were set up Friday and will be available through the weekend of January 15-17 at the parking lot, which is at the intersection of Pinckney and North 4th Streets in Hamilton.

Farrenkopf said this is not one of Hamilton's twice-a-year "clean up" days, where city crews pick up lawn waste and tree branches around town. Those two events are in the spring and fall. This disposal requires you to bring the tree to the dumpsters yourself. However, he said, if you're driving to the site and see a tree lying by the curb, grab it and add it to your load.

The Hamilton Downtown Association has made plans to take down the Christmas lights on Main Street. That will be scheduled in February and the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department will be taking down the lightpole "snowflakes," which will be stored until November.

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