Let me ask you "DO YOU WANT A TACO?" I know I do! Coming up May 5 at El Cazador, I will get to compete in something I have been training my whole life for. I will be representing the best radio station EVER, in a taco eating contest. Nothing says "let's celebrate Mexico winning the battle of Puebla," like stuffing multiple tacos down your throat while chasing it all with cerveza.

It is time for you to help me rally the Blaze family and gather votes for yours truly to take home the win, as I will be going up against a handful of inferior opponents from the office. As I get set to take on Billy "Hung like a field mouse" Jenkins, from 107.5 Zoo FM and the NEW morning crew from 94.9 KYSS FM, Mike "Who Farted" O'Brien and Charene "Smelt it Delt it" Herrara.

I have been putting down the tasty taco treats since I was knee high to a squirrel, and now it is time for me to show off my ninja talent. Vote for me to win the Cinco De Mayo battle and you will be entered to win $20 in free food and drink at El Cazador.

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