It was a joyous day on Friday when my wife texted me and asked if we were going to Cinnabon. I guess I missed the memo that the new Cinnabon/Auntie Anne's combo location was officially open at Southgate Mall. I needed clarifications so I headed to social media - and sure enough - the deliciousness was already being distributed to the fine people of Missoula!

I love Cinnabon! Pretty much anywhere I've ever lived has had one. I love them as a stand alone treat, it's a tradition for Christmas brunch with my wife's family, and I find it impossible to pass it up at any airport that has one during a layover. So, yes, I was pretty pumped when they announced we would be getting a Cinnabon at the mall.

Did we spend 45 minutes in line on Friday so that we could have a big ol' gooey mound of heaven as an end of the workweek treat? You're darn right we did. Did I spend another 45 minutes in line on Saturday? Yes, yes I did. In my defense I wasn't back so soon because I made a rookie mistake and didn't buy enough to fill the craving. Cinnabon was actually so busy that they were limiting purchases and we couldn't place a large enough order during the first visit.

I asked the guy behind the counter about the long lines, the frantic cinnamon roll production in the background, and the outlook for the new location. He said they were understaffed out of the gate and didn't expect they would be as busy as they initially were. He said they'll get things streamlined in the coming weeks.

You'll find Cinnabon next to PINK at Southgate Mall.

We bake the world's greatest cinnamon rolls and other heavenly treats including the Caramel Pecanbon, Cinnabon Stix, Minibon and Cinnabon Bites.


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