Coheed and Cambria's "Welcome Home" may crush and lurch with a cinematic quality, but the song has been transformed by the duo Sparrow Sleeps with the idea of helping to send your little ones off to a night of slumber. It's part of Sparrow Sleeps' upcoming collection, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Birth: 3, also serving as a nod to Coheed and Cambria.

Casey Cole and Peter Lockhart are the pair behind this beautifully crafted lullaby translation. Cole is an Indiana-based composer and father to his daughter Sparrow, who somewhat accidentally started the project after Cole created a handful of lullabies for her and then released them on the Internet. Lockhart is a designer who came into the picture designing covers and promo materials.

Sparrow Sleeps

Bonding over their shared love of pop-punk, the band has been primarily pulling from scene acts (Blink-182, Thrice, Paramore, My Chemical Romance and more), reimagining their works as lullabies, with Coheed & Cambria the latest to receive the lullaby treatment.

Cole says of the new album and "Welcome Home" specifically, "A lot of our past releases have been much more straightforward as far as transposing goes, but this one took us way out of our element. The amount of detail that goes into all of the guitar parts, and the lack of repetition in Coheed's compositions was overwhelming to try and recreate. We worked really hard to stay true to the song structures as well as all of the details and nuances that went into their guitars."

He continues, "I think this is showcased in the celestes at the end of 'Welcome Home.' It was the last thing I had to transpose for this album, and I was watching their videos at half speed on YouTube just trying to grasp what the guitars were doing in detail. It's ridiculous to think anyone would rock their little ones to sleep with these quiet pianos wailing, but hopefully Coheed fans love it."

Lockhart says of the idea for the artwork (which is also seen below), "Cover art for Sparrow Sleeps always starts with the punny title we come up with. Brainstorming titles is something we probably enjoy far too much. The punny title we land on will determine which original album cover we’ll be parodying. I’ll then come up with a visual concept that makes it quick to remind you of the original cover, but with the twist that parents can specifically connect with."

Sparrow Sleeps' In Keeping Secrets of Silent Birth: 3 will be on all streaming sites Oct. 5. You can also visit the band's Spotify profile to check out some of their other works as well. And we suggest checking out their website to find some of the titles that are currently available to purchase.

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