Would you look at that? That...Would you just look at it? PSH! For anyone not familiar with comedian Ed Bassmaster, you need to "just look at it."

Ed is known for pranking and harassing everyday people, using his many personalities/characters.

According to Wikipedia

In Bassmaster's videos, he is typically acting as one of his many characters: Chip Diamond, Always Teste, Skippy, Randy, Emillio, I-Work guy, Girard Douche, a CIA agent, Swollen Man, Hacker, Tequila, Mumbles, Bluetooth Man, Ugly Face, Bushman, and Zombie Face.

His characters are so convincing, it is hard for anyone to tell Ed is messing with them. But, between is prank phone calls to approaching people on the street, Ed has hours of footage of him messing with people. So much so, that Ed even had his own TV show. The show aired on CMT in 2016, but only lasted 1 season.

Ed recently announced that he will be releasing a feature film. This past summer, Ed wrapped shooting of the film. He announced that he was in Montana, editing the footage for his upcoming  movie.

Super excited to bring this amazing project to you all. Currently in Montana with @berner415 and @davidcamarena editing some of the best of Chip Diamond, Always Teste, Mumbles and Emilio. Can’t wait to show you guys my first film, “Psh”. Coming soon.
Does the "PSH" movie take place in Montana? Well, judging by the poster, that's a NO.

No word on when the movie will be released.


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