It's tough to share any events, plan gatherings, or invite you to anything because we can't promise the event will actually happen, it sucks. But we can optimistically plan stuff and hope that it's not canceled.

You remember that we've teamed up with Muse Comics for many years to celebrate Free Comic Book Day, which is celebrated on the first Saturday in May. It's an annual nationwide promotion to encourage new readers and longtime fans to shop at local and independent comic book stores. Most of the publishers also send loads of comics to the stores to give away for free, including our own Muse Comics here in Missoula.

This year, the good folks over at the Dark Horse are using their noggins, thinking ahead, and planning for a Free Comic Book Day Metal show on Saturday, May 1st. (And by "folks," naturally we mean Eddie.) What do comic book lovers like as much as metal? Costumes, of course! This will be a costume party, with Blessiddoom, Ceres and Devilution rockin' faces. And here's our favorite part, Blessiddoom will be releasing their new album "Insidious Parasite" along with a limited edition comic book. 

Just like comics around the world that day, this show is free. Don a different kind of mask by becoming your favorite hero or villain and win prizes in the Walking Dead guitar raffle! Plus, comic book themed drink specials, games and, holy smokes, somebody to party with besides the people you live with. Let's plan on it, we should all be vaccinated by then, right?

Artwork by Eddie Johnson
Artwork by Eddie Johnson

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