Hamilton City Planner Matthew Rohrbach is starting a new effort to improve Hamilton's "front door." The "Connect 93" project is working with the group Community Builders and Hamilton residents to improve the intersection of US 93 and Main Street. Besides improving the looks of the area, Rohrbach wants suggestions on how to address pedestrians and bicycles on those roadways.

The first "Connect 93" public meeting will be Wednesday, November 13, at City Hall, 223 South 2nd Street from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Participants will be updated on the project and there will be a mapping exercise, along with plenty of discussion. Also Wednesday, two Focus Groups will meet at City Hall - Hamilton businesses and property owners at 10 a.m. and organizations & agencies at 2 p.m. Thursday morning, November 14, at 8:30, a presentation will be made at the Hamilton Downtown Association meeting at the Bitterroot Public Library. You can also check the Connect 93 website.

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