Corey Taylor ejected an apparently disrespectful fan from Slipknot’s July 19 gig in Toronto. While the band was performing “(sic),” Corey went off on a fan in the front, calling him a “little p-ssy” and a “b-tch.”

Ever since Corey underwent spinal surgery and quickly returned to the stage in a neck brace, he’s been a little ornery. You may recall the vocalist slapping a phone out of a fan’s hands while the concertgoer seemed to be texting. That dude got to stay, though, unlike this latest gentleman.

We’re not 100 percent sure what happened, but Corey chalks it up to simple disrespect:

One user on Slipknot’s Reddit page claimed the fan was hurling insults at Corey and flipping him off, while another writes the man was attacking people in the crowd for no reason. We can’t confirm exactly why he was booted, but it’s rare to see Corey that pissed off at someone while performing.

Check out the ejection video above! The tour package of Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and Of Mice & Men is still rolling on, so click here to see if they’re hitting a city near you.

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