"I did my time and I want that guy out!" It went something like that at Slipknot's show in Concord, Calif. this past Saturday (Aug. 13). Corey Taylor ejected an audience member at a July 19 concert earlier this year, and he had another offender at the band's weekend show. "That motherf--ker in the glasses" garnered his attention during the performance of the fan-favorite "Psychosocial."

As the final chorus of the song came up (video above), Taylor, crouched down, singling out a crowd member, pointing his finger in the general area before exclaiming, "Get that guy out! Get him the f--k out of here! Get him out!" Giving further detail, he repeatedly mentioned a fan wearing glasses before security whisked the guy away, all still during the chorus of "Psychosocial."

Taylor has yet to comment on the ejection like he did regarding the July 19 incident. The singer called that audience member a "little p--sy" and a "b-tch" before the concertgoer was removed from the show. He followed up on Twitter, commenting, "He was a c--t. And I've been doing this too long to deal with that disrespect." Users on Reddit claimed the crowd member was directing insults toward Taylor and giving him the middle finger while other users said the person was seen attacking people without warning or cause.

Earlier in July, the Slipknot singer was also seen slapping a phone out of a texting audience member's hands. He later tweeted, "If you're gonna text, stay home." Following it up with another tweet, he joked that the person understood and that both of them laughed about the incident together.

Catch Slipknot on the remaining co-headlining tour dates with Marilyn Manson, all of which can be found at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours. The trek will come to a close on Aug. 27 and was originally slated to finish on Aug. 5 until Taylor underwent emergency spinal surgery, delaying the start of the tour. He has been performing in a neck brace since.

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