Sunday Morning, March 22, at 10 a.m. -
KLYQ has gathered up some reports from around the area on this Sunday morning. Locally, the Ravalli County Corona Virus Incident Management Team will issue a daily report later. Right now in Ravalli County, we are still reporting one positive case of COVID-19 and that female teenager is recovering at home. All gathering places in Montana are closed - such as gyms, restaurants, breweries and coffee shops. Take-out and deliveries are allowed. Montana has extended the State Income Tax deadline to July 15, matching the IRS extension. By the way, that includes deadline for those who submit First Quarter tax payments. However, Governor Bullock had this recommendation: "I encourage all Montanans who expect a refund to file as soon as they can to have additional income during this difficult time." The recommended way to file is electronically.

In school developments, Montana's Office of Public Instruction has submitted a request to the U.S. Department of Education to remove standardized test requirements at this time. Yesterday, the federal department said they would process those state requests. The March 24 ACT test for Hamilton High School has been cancelled. Hamilton School District 3 is providing updates on their Facebook page, including how to access to classes being conducted on Google Classroom. For those who don't have good internet connections, there are options being developed daily. KLYQ Radio and KGVO will have their regular programming Monday morning with updates. Our websites are updated when we get fresh information and KLYQ has Alerts that are part of our cellphone KLYQ app. We remind you to sanitize (bleach and water works well), wash your hands often, follow social distance recommendations, stay calm, and a new suggestion from us - say "Thank You" to the clerks, medical teams and public officials who are keeping services open.

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