The classic form of social media is growing more and more popular around the state. With gas prices as low as they are, why not get out and burn a tank or two? The Saturday cruise of Reserve street continues this weekend. You may have noticed some classic cars and even hot rods roaming the "strip" from I-90 to South Ave. Cruising takes us back to the days, when driving around and searching for friends was the only style of "social media."

Because of the huge interest and participation we experienced last weekend, we will need the space to accommodate everyone again this weekend as we expect a even larger crowd. That being said, we will plan to cruise North Reserve street again this weekend. The route will basically stay the same, I90 to South ave, and this is just a guideline. There is not a designated turn around, so turn around where ever you feel is convenient for you. Please be safe, respectful to others, and follow the traffic laws. YOU are responsible for YOUR actions on the road. Let's not burn bridges with the city and local law enforcement. They were great, and allowed everyone to have a good time. Everyone should also try and patronize the local business who allow us to mob their parking lots. A good example being Freddys. Pray for better weather, and we will see everyone again this Saturday.

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