Last time I saw gas relatively close to as low as it is now, was when I was in High School. As a teenager, "Cruising the Strip" was one of the few things to do to socialize on a Friday or Saturday night. You would simply drive the same stretch of road back and forth, listening to your favorite music, waving at friends and enjoying the sights of an amateur car show. Now that everything is closed and we are getting tired of being at home, cruising is becoming popular yet again. And not just among teenagers, but all age groups. Not to mention a person can afford to burn through some fuel.

Missoula Cruisers posted an event on Facebook, hoping to organize a proper cruise this Saturday.

Due to the construction on Higgins, we will Cruise up and down Reserve st between Freddys/I90 and Shopko/south ave. Smoother roads, more space to pull off, drive thru food establishments. Pull in the line and make some loops. Get out of the house. Fuel is cheap and we all need some fresh air.

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