We are in the home stretch of winter, and ol' Mother Nature is making sure we don't forget what winter is all about. If the snow and cold has got you down, why not drown your sorrows in a glass of authentic Bavarian brew.

The Bayern Winter Gift Basket is loaded with TONS of goodies for you to enjoy.

* Get cozy with Bayern underwear, socks, beanie and t-shirt

* Look RAD and warm in your 96.3 The Blaze Hoodie, Hat and ALT 101.5 T-Shirt

* Fill up your NEW Bayern Keg Growler, with your $20 Bayern gift card

* And enjoy some winter fun with 2 passes to Snowbowl, while drinking your six pack of Bayern beer cans that was inspired by Snowbowl. "Groomer!"

This fan-friggin-tastic gift basket could be yours. All you gotta do is ENTER NOW.



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