Tonight's (4/24) the night! Our first event since the Before Time. A celebration of our 21 years on the air, the station is officially old enough to get into the strip club! The party starts at 7 p.m. with the first big prize give away at 7:30 p.m. There will be a limited number of tickets at the door for $10. When you get your ticket, be sure to keep the stub, it has your raffle number for all of the prize drawings of the night. Here are the highlights...

-FREE Beer for a Year from Bayern Brewing

-Gift basket from the Glass Cave smoke shop

-$300 Altered Skin gift card, courtesy of Lexi, Brenda, and Detail Dave

-Brand new Keggerator - enjoy tap beer at home with beer that stays fresh for 6-8 weeks!

-96.3 The Blaze/Fox Club fire pit, custom made for you by Vorteque Machine Shop

The fire pit is constructed of steel plate 3/16" thick. The logos were cut in with a waterjet and our on air description does it no justice, so I've included some photos of this badass fire pit during construction below. Pretty sure the value of your property will go up by 96.3% with this baby in the backyard! OH, and we can't forget the best part of this beauty, the "hot dog sticks." Couple of nice rods modeled after the beautiful ladies of the Fox Club, perfect for cooking wieners over your new fire pit.

Try your luck at one last chance at a pair of tickets for tonight by texting us "21" anytime before 4:20 p.m. today. Expect a 100% rock playlist curated by Kromdar, and the dancers will be letting you keep their Blaze gear when you get a private dance.

**You must be at least 21 to enter, masks are required**

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Custom 96.3 The Blaze/Fox Club Fire Pit

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