It is nearing what we would call the "dog days of summer." When the temperatures are getting so hot, you can barley function. Now, more than ever, we are looking for ways to cool off from the hot summer sun. While some people choose to take a dip in the river, or stand in front of the open freezer, others can simply cool off with a refreshing beverage or treat.

In years past, sometimes the only way to escape the heat would be to buy a matinee ticket to whatever summer blockbuster movie you could find. And then enjoy the 2 hours of arctic blast from the AC. But, we all know that isn't happening during the time of COVID. Also, some would find themselves aimlessly wandering the mall, just to soak up some of the industrial sized AC. Having been a "mallrat" myself, it was always customary to stop and get an Orange Julius, or a Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen. You dont need many reasons to treat yourself to a cool treat on a hot day. But, today is the end of an era for the Southgate Mall location of DQ and Orange Julius.

facebook/sheila larsson
facebook/sheila larsson

While some places are closing their doors in Southgate Mall, others have opened theirs. Auntie Ann's Pretzels Perfect and Cinnabon have both recently opened up shop in Southgate Mall. But, dry your eyes, as there are still many DQ options for you around town. With 2 Grill n Chill locations, as well as the iconic Higgins DQ location. Stay cool my friends.

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