Glenn Danzig has just announced Black Laden Crown, his first new album in seven years, which will become available May 26. On top of that, Danzig will be performing a select handful of shows this summer to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Danzig III: How the Gods Kill.

After departing from the legendary Misfits, Glenn Danzig embarked on one of rock’s most successful solo careers. Danzig’s third studio album was the band’s first to crack the Top 30 on Billboard and was widely acclaimed for tracks like “Dirty Black Summer,” “Bodies” and “How the Gods Kill.” The album is also well known for its cover designed by legendary artist H.R. Giger.

Though Danzig has sworn off long tours, he will be playing 25th anniversary gigs for How the Gods Kill. The 2017 summer gigs will feature Danzig performing “many songs” from How the Gods Kill, so superfans of the record won’t want to miss this.

Additionally, Danzig have been confirmed to play this year’s Blackest of the Black Festival in Silverado, Calif. Also featuring Ministry, the fest will take place May 26-27. Full details for the two-day event, featuring over 20 bands and 20 evil attractions, will be announced March 27.

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