Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has been insisting that his band is on hiatus ever since he wrote an open letter to fans announcing as much last fall, but it seems he hasn't been entirely truthful. Despite all the talk of his intentions to "pack it in the garage" for awhile, Grohl is now saying that the Foos already have a new album written.

"Like [guitarist] Pat Smear says... we're not on hiatus... we're on 'i hate us' and yes, we are already writing the new record," Grohl revealed during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session with fans. "We've been a band for almost 20 years. When it feels like you're walking in the sand, it's time to go home."

He continued, dishing more about a possible follow-up to the band's 2011 disc, 'Wasting Light.' “But we have pretty much an entire record ready," Grohl said. "Once we're set, we'll make a huge stink about it."

OK, so he's short on details and long on bad puns, but the news will come as a surprise to any Foo fans who have been paying attention. Between his 'Sound City' film, Queens of the Stone Age cameo and 12-12-12 concert performance with Paul McCartney, Grohl has seemed like he couldn't possibly have the time to do Foo.

Once again, he's shown himself to be more ambitious than we ever thought possible.