Just when you thought it was safe to trust your household clock to tell you the right time ... Daylight Saving Time arrives! That's right, this Sunday, March 10, at 2 a.m., most of America will set clocks AHEAD one hour. The clocks get set back in November. The motto is "Spring forward, Fall back." In this time zone, we call it Mountain Daylight Time.

The easiest way to deal with DST is to move to Arizona. They don't do it and stay on Standard Time. The second easiest way to lose an hour of sleep this weekend is to set your clock ahead one hour when you go to bed Saturday night, and wake up at the correct time Sunday morning. By the way, this is a dangerous time for kids waiting for the school bus in even darker conditions. Also, be aware of many products that automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time, especially those connected to the internet. You may not have to change as many timepieces as you thought.

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