Unlike the lottery, I look forward to shelling out money each year for this drawing. The time has arrived for you to fill out your special permit applications for the upcoming 2017 big game hunting season in Montana. Many people try to score coveted tags, like Mule Deer in the Bitterroot or Elk in the Missouri Breaks. While others are looking to score a permit to hunt deer and elk in certain areas closer to home.

If you are interested in rolling the dice and landing your "dream tag," you must fill out the application by March 15th.

Keep in mind that your 2016 conservation license has expired. You need to purchase a new conservation license and your deer and elk license before turning in your application.

Also, study the regulations for the area you are interested in drawing, before submitting your application.

Pick you top 3 choices on where you would like to hunt, and cross your fingers. Good Luck!

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